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Tennsmith 36" foot squaring shear

SKU: Ten36shear $2,150.00
Tennsmith jump shears feature ground-alloy tool steel high carbon high chromium blades. Both blade edges feature ha 2 degree edge relief and the lower blade has an additional 1 degree surfface relief for maximum material cut through with minimal effort. Triaction blades help prevent material movement while shearing, increasing blade life. Tennsmith shears have the most complete adjustment features of any sheet metal shear on the market. The lower shear blade is bed-adjusting and the upper blade is adjustable by means of a truss bar on the cutter head. The spring-activated hold down feet clamp the work piece securely in place and are easily adjustable to compensate holding pressure for light or heavy gauge material. There is ample clearance between the hold down's and shear blades to allow good operator line of sight for close measurment cutting. The standard, double-locking back gauge, which features embossed scales and vernier wheels for fine adjustment, gives highly accurate readings. Items included: Rear operated back ga front material supports (pair) graduated side scales Warranty: 3 year manufacturer's warranty Estimated lead time is 4-8 weeks from order

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